(Solved) SSC Accounting MCQ Question Solution 2021 Hisabbiggan Question Solve PDF Download

SSC Accounting/Hisabbiggan MCQ Question Solution 2021 Download All Board of Barisal Board, Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Gazipur, Jessore, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Madrasah, Technical Education Board.Our website provides solutions to accounting questions for students participating in the 2021 SSC exams. Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time, every student has suffered from their studies and due to their own negligence, they are inexperienced in textbooks. However, the students who have studied regularly are different. Most of the students have wasted their time sitting at home due to school closure and praying for them is now horrible.

SSC Accounting Question 2021 Today on November 15

They have no idea about many chapters of the textbook and they have given answers with a lot of fear while sitting in the examination center. That is why on our website SSC, i.e. those who have taken part in SSC examination from Commerce Department in 2021, the solution of accounting science question has been provided on our website.

If you have participated in this exam in 2021, then at the end of the exam you must see the solution of that question on our website and you must know how you performed in the exam.Looking at the 2021 SSC exam question papers, many students are wondering how to answer multiple choice questions in such a short time. But the job of a human being as a student will be to study and gain an idea about the content of the textbook.

SSC Accounting MCQ Question Solve 2021 Download

In this case every student has harmed themselves and they have not acquired the knowledge of the textbook and despite the advantages of online class they have not been able to use it properly. Moreover, many students have been demoted due to the announcement of closure of educational institutions and they have stayed away from studies.

However, by participating in the test at the test center, you have done a very good job and you will see the solution of the question to make sure that no matter how you pass the test. This is because the book of accounting has to solve different types of mathematics and in trying to solve this many students forget the formulas or give wrong answers for informational reasons.


The 2021 SSC exams are not held in the traditional time i.e. in February but in November due to the global epidemic corona situation. I have taken exams on a limited scale without passing the students to the next class through auto pass which is a really good initiative and through this a student can be properly evaluated.

Answer Download Link of All Board

The examination of each student of Commerce Department will be held for one hour and thirty minutes. Thirty multiple-choice questions were given to those who took part in today’s accounting exam, and you had to answer 15 of them.

In addition to multiple choice questions, creative questions have to be answered in three, which if you can answer correctly, you will get 30 marks.So no matter what today’s exam is like, you can see the solution from our website and prepare better for the next exam. Be prepared for the admission test with the mentality that you can get good results if you study by yourself.

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